Our Team

Meet Our Smile Team 🙂

At our state-of-the-art office, we are dedicated to providing the finest Dental Care to our patients.

We specialize in all areas of Oral Health Care including Preventative, Restorative and Cosmetic Dentistry. Excellent care, Beautiful Aesthetic Results, Compassion and a Gentle Touch are the fundamentals of our practice.

Utilizing the latest advancements in Dental Technology, we take the time to discuss different options with our patients, to arrive at the best personalized plan for each individual.



Dental Hygienist

Maintaning Clean Teeth is the first step to your overall Best Dental Health.

I'm passionate about providing full oral health care and education, focusing on the prevention and treatment of oral disease. Teaching my patients about proper oral care is important & my social responsibility.

I help maintain your Beautiful Smile & keep you informed about the latest products.

I believe that the more you know about dental health, the better prepared you are to make wise decisions about your health care.



Practice Manager

Welcome to Krempel Dental, the practice of Dr. Todd J Krempel, DDS. located at 8811 W Sahara Ave., Las Vegas 89117.

Your visits with us are all about YOU; Your Comfort, Happiness and Complete Satisfaction with your Dental Care.

Our mission is to establish a lifelong bond with our patients and we treat everyone like a member of our family.

We invite you to contact our office at (702) 405-6995 so that we can help you achieve the Beautiful and Healthy Smile that you've always wanted.



Dental Assistant

Being an assistant to Dr. Krempel, we provide a top notch dental team that provides first rate care.

There is never an end to the new knowledge, technologies and techniques we use in the dental office. Treating a patient's procedure with expertise and compassion are part of our core values.

I help create create a relaxing environment built to provide the best dental care available. One of the things I am most proud of is many of our patients say that we make going to the dentist fun.



Dental Hygienist

The whole experience of working with an engaged, trusting person is amazing!

Being a dental hygienist gives me a chance to change lives for the better. I'm given an opportunity to treat people with empathy and caring in order to build a foundation of trust.

I can help scared patients become more relaxed in the dental office, and my ultimate success is when I have a patient who can't wait to come back.

The people I meet, treat, and work with make being a dental hygienist so much fun.
Not a day goes by on the job that I don't feel like I've helped someone. I feel like I'm making a difference.



Dental Assistant

As a dental assistant, there is nothing better than seeing a patient leave the office with a new smile.

When a patient smiles confidently and is proud to show off their teeth, it makes my day knowing that I helped to get them there. A dental office is not everyone’s favorite place and my job of making them feel comfortable can help to make their experience better- hopefully helping to eliminate any fear associated with being in the office.
I like knowing that patients who have a fear of coming to the dentist have the confidence and trust in us to put them at ease! Seeing patients smile and happy when leaving is the best reward. It’s a good feeling to have!

Getting to know our patients and their families that develop into lifelong relationships is a rewarding aspect of my work.

Highly Innovative Technology & Professional Dental Care

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